Farah Howe jacket

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Farah Howe jacket

The second of two posts about clothing this week… Spring is in the air and I’m on the lookout for a new jacket. I was just going to get a new G9 but I am always open to new suggestions.

I like Farah’s vintage range. In particular I like their polo shirts. I also don’t think that their logo is too blatant on the majority of their ranges and in any case I think its a nice looking logo.

This jacket looks a real gem. No fuss about it and some nice features such as the leather tabs on the zip and the drawstring hood. Perfect for the springtime I say. I have seen similar on the high street but this looks far better, plus its a fair way cheaper!

You can get them from a few places online, but I’ve always had a good service from here. Which is also where the image is from.

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  • hi do you know of any online places that will sell it at a good price?
    As i have looked round alot and they seem to be all sold out

    • To be honest I think you will struggle. I’ve not seen it anywhere for months which suggests it is last years season. I did see it in the flesh in Urban Outfitters.

      I have seen a lot of alternatives about (in the sales too). There is a pretty good Fred Perry one, which has the same style toggles and there’s a Baracuta Harrington with a hood. Also, as I mentioned above the Jump the Gun Harringtons are a great jacket. My local independent retailer Jingo has a Farah alternative called the Buxton.

      Hope this helps


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