Building a basic wardrobe

shirts and jacket in wardrobe

Sorry, this isn’t going to be a post about the finer details of how to put together some flatpack furniture (I’ve learnt my lesson there), but more about an article that I found interesting.

I don’t class myself as a hoarder per se. In ‘Do Androids Dream…’ Phillip K Dick coined the term ‘kibble’ – the build up of useless objects. It’s amazing how things build up over a period of time – my parents garage and loft is good testament to this.

Speakersfive HQ is relocating soon and one thing that my current (smallish) living space has taught me that I hope to take to the new (bigger) abode is being able to make a clear decision of what I do and don’t need. Unfortunately this does not always work out so I would combine that decision with having a good clear out every few months; it’s good for my own sanity and I know for certain that Em will thank me for not cluttering the place up.

Prior to moving I’m having one of those clear outs, mainly because I don’t want to have to cart stuff over to the new living quarters that I don’t need. I’m starting with my clothes.

The article that I talked about at the start of the post, while I don’t agree with everything it suggests, I found to be a pretty good starting point. It gives the basics for an Ivy League style (which suits me) but I would think that some of the items covered should be a basic for any man’s wardrobe.

You can read the article here.

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