Some stuff that happened – part four

Well, here we are again. I’m enjoying these posts more then any other right now, hence the photo count is increasing. I’ll try and edit a bit better next time (I won’t). Anyway, here’s some bits and pieces that happened (as the title would suggest). As usual in no particular order.

List of beers available at the Firefly beer festival

The Firefly had a beer festival and a good afternoon and evening was spent working through the list.

Crops in the field

My friend hayfever came back for a visit.

Beer garden at the Marwood

On a very windy Sunday afternoon we sought shelter in the beer garden of The Marwood.

Kitchen scales

As is the norm after it went dark in the nighttime it also became light again in the morning and looked pretty good in the kitchen.

The gatehouse at Brockhampton

Mum and dad came for a visit and we took them to Brockhampton.

white 1966 volvo 121

We went to Hereford to see Fi and Curly and spotted this stunning example of a Volvo 121 – which later appeared on ebay, though much as I wanted to I was unable to put an offer in… someday.

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