Organ of Corti

Acousticians testing the Organ of Corti

On Sunday, after a night of camping and a few beers (one of us had too many I’m not saying who) we took a walk along the river to blow out the cobwebs. We were lucky enough to come across the ‘Organ of Corti‘ and stopped to have a look/listen.

Organ of Corti programme

An installation by Liminal the Organ of Corti sets out to “draw our attention to sounds present by framing them in a new way”. Stepping inside the organ you experience a very pleasant hum and by moving your head around you can accentuate this and in a way play the organ. It really is fascinating how the organ uses the surrounding sounds and how much it is able to reduce them and has to be experienced to be believed. The sound of water relentlessly rushing over the weir is extremely powerful at this location and it was very inspiring to experience that sound in a completely different way.

Looking at their website I was excited to find out that the Organ of Corti originated from a current proposal for a permanent sound installation at Diglis Weir called Cochlea Unwound. I’m really pleased that Worcester often has things like this and I hope that this project is one that is realised.

More information on Liminal can be seen here, on what is like some sort of brochure, but on your computer.

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