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Among many, a bonus of working with Toyella is the exposure to some really beautifully designed toys and in turn getting to learn about the boutique toy manufacturers from where they originate.

One such company is eeBoo, their products have a traditional, timeless charm that brings back happy memories of some of the games I played as a kid. Plus they are all beautifully and expertly illustrated with a fresh but familiar feeling.

What I wanted this post to be about however, is their studio. It is often that a creative studio will be a good indicator of the style of work that comes out of it and eeBoo’s is a perfect example.

Desk in eeboo office studio

Various inspirations in eeboo's studio office

The studio is a converted turn of the century New York City Ballroom. eeBoo found the space being used as a dusty old warehouse and restored it to the beautiful space it is today. Oodles of natural light floods through the original skylights (from 18ft up). Original features have also been kept such as a golden-bronze mosaic tiled floor and mirrored wall panels.

beautiful vintage furniture in eeboo's studio office

nice view of the open plan space

As you can see from the images the studio is filled with an inspiring and eclectic collection of vintage furniture, Chinese art deco rugs, toys, games and a whole bundle of other curios. I love my job but it would be even better if the office looked more like this.

More information on eeBoo, and pictures of their studio can be found here.

Oh, and er (plug) you can buy eeBoo stuff from the Toyella website with free delivery.


  • Wow, this is an amazing studio. Beautifully decorated. It’s simple enough that it’s not distracting to the creation of work, yet not at all boring or stark.

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