Some stuff that happened – zombie extra

zombies in birmingham

It wasn’t until after I had posted the previous ‘Some stuff that happened‘ that I found these. I have already posted about the Totem Homecoming exhibition at the Custard Factory. But left out what a mixed bag of of bits that day actually was.

After leaving the exhibition we saw some people parading through town in their pants to advertise a nightclub (that sounds like an intentional sighting, it wasn’t). Then headed up to Victoria Square to see the Jamaican Festival. At the same time there was another collection of circus performers outside the entrance to the museum and also an open stage outside the cathedral where there was some serious moshing going on. I didn’t partake, my days of crowdsurfing and the like are behind me.

Winding (well, stumbling) their way through all of this and a highlight for me was a zombie flashmob. There were some brilliant costumes and some placards reading ‘We want brains!’. I was lucky enough to have some groan at the camera for me. Quite a surreal experience to have the sound of reggae music mingling with the moans of the walking dead.

zombies in birmingham

zombie in birmingham

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