Jump the Gun Harrington jacket

Back view of a white man wearing a Jump the Gun Harrington in beige, with a blue gingham shirt.

Picture this, there I was with the beautiful British summer drawing to a close, not quite cold enough for the Duffle or Pea Coat to come out of hibernation but still needing a nice jacket to protect me from those cruel winds – I know this post is really starting to pull on the heartstrings, stick with it, there’s a happy ending. I found a solution in the Jump the Gun Harrington jacket. I knew I would and I chose them for a number of reasons.

Jump the Gun label inside harrington

Firstly, price. I could babble on here about how you need to pay more if you want better, but in this case you definitely don’t. In a nutshell Jump the Gun’s Harrington is a great quality jacket and is considerably better priced than other brands.

The fit is also perfect. I’ve had a few shirts from Jump the Gun and I assumed (quite rightly) that the quality and cut of them would transfer to the rest of their products. I struggle with getting shirts that fit – on account of my neck being much bigger than it should be compared to my chest size (thanks Dad) which can result in ballooning of sleeves and other areas to parachute proportions. Jump the Gun is one of the few places that I can get shirts that fit me properly, because, to quote them ‘This is how we think shirts should fit’.

Tartan lining and outer on Jump the Gun Harrington jacket

Jump the Gun are an independent retailer. Shopping with them is a good thing. Added to that the Jump the Gun Harrington jacket is also made in the UK, so its doubly good.

The biggest factor for me though is Jump the Gun understand the meaning of customer service. They answer the phone when you call, which may sound obvious to most people but believe me some companies don’t. They reply to emails. They’re polite. They know all about the products and are enthusiastic about them. Most importantly under ‘Special delivery instructions’ I asked for a robot to be drawn on the box and they did it.

Check out their online shop. Or if you’re in Brighton pop in and say hello.

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