Some stuff that happened – part six

Here we are again. Can you believe three months have passed since the last one of these? Yes? Well, ok then.

Looking back I didn’t take that many photos. Sometimes I guess I’m just not in the mood. Anyway, here’s a bit of a round up of a few things.

Mod Wolves Vespa

We went away for a week in Corfu. Narrowly avoided staying in a hotel that had appeared on ‘Holidays from Hell’ and luckily ended up in the resort of Paleokastritsa which was perfect for what we wanted. I’ll share a few more pics on here sometime in mid winter when summer holidays feel so far away. For now, here’s proof that the Mod Wolves are everywhere.

Stirlings bistro Jewellery quarter Birmingham

I started on a photo project in the Jewellery Quarter, which I sort of neglected, I may revisit it one day.

view of Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire

Gatehouse of Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire

Emma taking a picture at Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire

The start of October was flipping hot. On one of the days we took a drive out to Snowshill Manor.

Terraced houses in Cheltenham

We went to Cheltenham for the literary festival and saw a really good talk about Catch 22.

Diglis Island, Worcester

safety poster on Diglis Island, Worcester

Window in workshop on Diglis Island, Worcester

Crane on Diglis Island, Worcester

As part of ongoing improvements to the waterways, the lock at Diglis Island in the river Severn had been drained. There was the opportunity to go down into the lock but the queue was massive so instead we opted to go straight onto the island. Which was just as good, none of the workshops there appear to have been touched for some time. I had always wanted to have a good look at the crane and when I finally had the opportunity to do so I got shouted at for getting too close. Ah well, a interesting experience and a chance to go somewhere we wouldn’t normally be able to.

Croome Court driveway

Seat at Croome Park, Worcester

Emma at Croome Park, Worcester

The good weather stuck with us, so we went to one of our trusted places, Croome Court. Always good to walk around the grounds and enjoy the views.

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