Braun BN0032

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Braun BN0032 wristwatch

A bit more modernist drooling here. Do modernists drool? This one does. Actually to make myself sound cool I’m going to say that I ‘contemplate in quiet appreciation’ this watch.

Lovely though innit? I always wear a watch. I don’t really care for digital watches, neither do I like anything too showy or with loads of dials or… you get the picture.

For a few years I’ve been sporting the very nice (and highly reliable) Mondaine and while it’s been serving me well I think it’s high time I had a bit of variety (but not too much, that would be silly). This, for me, pretty much fits the bill.

Since the days of Dieter Rams, Braun have been admired for both their product design abilities in form as well as function. This watch is unmistakably from that school of thinking, with some tweaks to the original. Which proves that the concept of beautifully simple design for a product that also works well is, for want of a better way of putting it, timeless.

It’s also very reasonably priced at £120. Lots of places online stock it, but here seems like a good enough place.
(I borrowed the picture from them ssshhhh!)

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