Some stuff that happened – part seven

Hello! Here we are for a seventh time. Lots more photos this time, so lets get in there.

Close up of Hobson's Old Henry beer bottle

I was a lucky boy at Christmas and got a macro lens. I immediately enjoyed taking pictures of my other gifts.

Weir on the river Severn at Worcester

On one of our usual jaunts around the river the weir was looking pretty high.

Birds hangin outside butcher in Ludlow

We had a great day out in Ludlow, enjoying the local food and taking back some amazing pork pies from the butcher Andrew Francis – well recommended!

View of Bristol planterium.

Taking advantage of January hotel deals we had a break in Bristol. Explored the sights, went to plenty of exhibitions and saw a crazy man skateboarding down the middle of Park Street. Although I took my camera I took only one photo, the one above of the planetarium.

Snow covered boat in Diglis basin, Worcester

Snow covered barges in Diglis basin, Worcester

Covered Morris Minor in the snow at Diglis Basin, Worcester

Warehouse in the snow Diglis, Worcester

We had a bit of snow in Worcester. Just a dusting and it only really lasted a day. I crept out under cover of darkness to take some photos. Truthfully, I didn’t creep, I told Em and she said to not be long because tea would be soon. It also wasn’t that dark, it was around six.

Trees in Wyre forest, west midlands

Trees in Wyre forest, West midlands

View of canary wharf from Greenwich park

Pigs ears and apple sauce at the Empress, Hackney

Aaron looking at the menu in The Empress, Hackney

We had a brilliant visit to London. Seeing friends, seeing lots of sights we hadn’t before and enjoying not doing the touristy thing. We also had an incredible meal at The Empress, Hackney. Amazing food, great service, perfect atmosphere – everything you could want and more. I urge you to go, go!

Have you gone yet?

Til next time folks!

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