Worcestershire Film Festival 2012

Worcestershire Film Festival 2012 flyer

Starting last month and continuing into November is the Worcestershire Film Festival. In its inaugural year it has already made a hit, generating much interest and attracting some great speakers and guests from across the industry.

Each event (in various locations across the county) promises an insight into the importance of film making in the region by celebrating its heritage as well as looking to the future. It has also been an excellent arena for showcasing current short films.

To quote the organisers, their aim is to:-
• Celebrate the art of film-making in the county
• Inspire interest in local film-making
• Realise the potential for an alternative film venue in Worcester

slide going into magic lantern

Running alongside the events has been the Worcestershire Cinema Heritage Project, looking at trends and changes that have taken place in the cinema over the last century. Its in depth too, anyone with just a slight interest in cinema or recent history will enjoy taking part. The project has been looking at records and capturing oral histories, revealing the films people watched at the cinema, the picture houses themselves and the experiences of the way the businesses were run then compared to now.

locals sharing the cinema history memories

Anyone with a story to share is encouraged to do so at the events.

Since hearing about the festival I was keen to help in any way I could, so I was over the moon to be asked to design some of the promotional flyers and DVD covers (pictured).

For more information on the festival and when the events are, take a look at the website. When you do make sure you go to the heritage area too. There’s already a wealth of information there and its growing.

Photographs of the festival taken by A&J Photography. Also, have a look at their individual 500px sites Andreea here and James here.

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