Philips and Cole

philips and cole scarf in white scooter helmet

Last month we were up in Birmingham for the opening of Mr Bird’s Emporium at The Custard Factory. We’re regular vistors there and it’s getting better each time. Previously we were there for the launch of Provide and now with the opening of Mr Bird’s Emporium, with their spectacular Custard Cream event every Saturday, it generates the great buzz it always deserved.

The emporium is composed of various retailers with their own ‘booths’, one of which is Philips and Cole.

Philips and cole scarf, handmade in Great Britain

I’m proud to be the first person ever to purchase one of their scarves. Great it is too. Handmade in the UK (and in the midlands too) from 100% cotton. The width and length are comfortable and the colours are bright enough to catch your eye but not too much to be brash. As you can see from the pics, the patterns are perfect.

Me putting on philips and cole cotton scarf

It is pretty clear that Philips and Cole come from traditional mod roots. At present only scarves and some other vintage and collectable items are available from their collection at the emporium, but of course expansion is hoped for the future. For those of you not lucky enough to live close by scarves can be purchased online via ebay, there will be some other great items available when their own website goes live. This includes shirts, which I have been assured are more of the slim fit variety with none of your high street ballooning. Again great news for anyone like me who finds it difficult to find them to fit. Looking forward to our next trip to the Custard Factory!

close up of philips and cole cotton scarf


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