Take Five with Vincent & Bell

Kicking off the Take Five for 2013 we have a Take Five first. Not one but two sets of answers from the always excellent design agency Vincent & Bell. As there’s more text we’ve also doubled up on pictures, so a whole feast awaits you. You lucky things.

James Vincent and Gemma BellVincent & Bell are Carlisle’s newest design agency. Formed in February 2012 by James Vincent and Gemma Bell they are already receiving the credit they deserve. Despite the agency being young both Gemma and James have many years worth of experience in the industry.

Nice people and nice design. Even nicer now that they’ve agreed to take part in Take Five.

Gemma’s answers:

Mods or rockers?
Mods, cause rockers are dirty.

Allianz advertisement by Vincent and Bell

You’re surrounded by beautiful countryside, how much of an influence does that have on your work?
Get less done, more time being depressed about not being outside in the beautiful countryside.

What do you think the future will be like, grim dystopia or nice and bright and shiny?
Shiny with lots more Apple products

All saints church fete flyer by Vincent and Bell Avalon capital markets website by Vincent and Bell

We’ve mentioned on the blog before how much we like EeBoo’s studios. How have you chosen to decorate yours?
We’re going for the grunge look with peeling walls, missing plaster & dust (we have been too busy to decorate or do anything clever or trendy. We are planning to at least make the walls normal over the Christmas break).

cottage brochure spread by Vincent and Bell

Where do you see yourselves in five years?
In an office with nicely plastered walls, a cleaner and some employees that like making tea.

eden adventures leaflet by Vincent and Bell

James’ answers

Mods or rockers?
Rockers. I love a sharp suit, but there are way more distorted guitars with rockers!

What do you think the future will be like, grim dystopia or nice and bright and shiny?
The future will be what you make of it! It sounds horribly cliched, but you can sit back and moan about the way things are, or you can do something about it. People are becoming disillusioned with the way things are and are actually getting back to doing things properly, be it holding large corporations to account, or living in a more sustainable way, all of which can only be a good thing! I’m taking huge inspiration from David Hieatt and Hiut Denim – read more about their story here.

is god a delusion book cover by Vincent and Bell pure touch beauty website by Vincent and Bell

For Speakersfive the album ‘Kaleidoscope’ by DJ Food is the best for unlocking a creative block. What music, if any, do you find helps?
Like all the best graphic design agencies, we listen to 6music all day, everyday!

Personally, I have always loved all things rock, but find myself getting into electronica recently – anything by Venetian Snares is great to work to, and I really liked Bjorks latest album, Biophillia.

nhs pack by Vincent and Bell

What is your opinion on the idea that designers are only as good as their clients?
To a certain extent, yes, but at the same time, no!

Sometimes, you get a fantastic client who is willing to spend money and indulge all your creative fantasies, but if these ideas don’t deliver tangible results for the client then they’ll very quickly start asking questions and stop giving you such free reign to spend their money.

You also get clients who can be difficult and need a stronger hand in the management of the relationship but again, that comes down to how well you deal with the situation and present your ideas to them. Being a designer is just as much about communicating your ideas  as it is actually doing the work. You need to do all you can to ensure the clients decision is based on answering the brief, rather than personal taste.

st stephens brochure by Vincent and Bell th commercial brochure by Vincent and Bell

How do you like to give yourselves a break from designing?
Getting out on my mountain bike or running. If I don’t do at least one bit of exercise a week, I get very grumpy. It’s a great chance to switch my brain off from everything except where I am right then.

Well, what a lovely start to Take Five 2013. Hope you all enjoyed reading these. If you want to see and read more about Vincent & Bell, go and have a look at their website, or if you’re that way inclined, follow them on Twitter.

As ever, a pleasure to have such a great response. Also, as ever, we need more people to take part. So if you know anyone we should contact, or want to take part yourselves let us know.

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