Stop/Eject movie

This is one of my reasons behind the lack of posts in December. A pretty good one too – I hope you’ll agree.

Following my work for the Worcestershire Film Festival I was recommended to Neil Oseman to design a 28 page script book for his short film Stop/Eject. The film is a fantasy drama about lost love and stars Georgina Sherrington (known to many as Mildred Hubble from The Worst Witch). The book is to be presented to some members of the public who have helped fund the project.

Georgina Sherrington in stop eject

It was a real pleasure to design. A great opportunity to be involved in something that not only allowed me a large degree of creative freedom, but also enabled me to support the film in my own way. Neil provided me with a wealth of perfect images, including stills from production and some lovely behind the scenes photographs. The only downside was not being able to include them all. I also took some of my own shots of twisted cassette tape to illustrate throughout.

Stop eject still

Watch the trailer above and have a look over at the Stop/Eject website. This week they’ve reached a big milestone and locked the edit, you can still make a donation and secure yourself some goodies for another week (closing on February 7th).

Also, head on over to Neil’s website, he offers a huge amount of advice and tips on film making. It’s a great resource for anyone with an interest in the subject.

Images used in this post are screen grabs provided by Neil Oseman.

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