Some stuff that happened – part eleven

Winter is still yet to leave the UK for another couple of weeks. According to the calendar though, Spring is here. Which means another instalment of SSTH.

I’m really struggling to take pictures at the moment. We (Em and me) have been doing quite a bit, but my camera for some reason has stayed firmly in my bag. I don’t know the reason, I just know that I need to snap out of it, otherwise I’ll never improve. I did manage to take some pictures over the last three months and these are them.

Cotehele house Cotehele house Cotehele house

We were down in Devon for Christmas. A couple of days before we headed over to Cornwall and to Cotehele House for a visit to see Santa in his grotto and to see the handmade festival garland in the main hall.

Land rover at Croome Court View of the malverns from Croome Court Emma in a bobble hat at croome

As I mentioned in a previous post I was lucky to get a digital Holga lens. The first trip it had was out to Croome Court. As the previous post states, the lens needs a lot of light to function. I’ll hold my hands up and admit to adjusting these in photoshop, but it’s made for a lovely grainy quality I think and that eery saturation is all natural. For months before we went it had not stopped raining, the ground was extremely waterlogged but we got to have a good walk around.

Wellies in the flood, Worcester A boat on high water in the river severn, worcester worcester racecourse underwater

Like most of the UK, Worcester had its share of flood water. Somewhere underwater in the picture above is the racecourse.

VW bus in the snow lock keepers cottage in the snow worcester market in the snow

More snow too! It’s still on and off as I type. I made good use of my tripod again and went out to get some night shots of Worcester in the snow.

Until next time, when I promise there’ll be some better pics.

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