New year, new location

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Happy New Year! I’d love to give a reason for the lack of posts other than I’ve been pretty busy, but I’m afraid that’s just it. I’ve been updating the main Speakersfive site (as you’ll see if you’re reading this there) there’s still some bits to tidy and sort out but if I wait til they’re finished I’ll be waiting for ever. The main reason for this was to have almost everything in one place and to take complete control myself. I’ve packed up and moved stuff from the old wordpress site so there’s now one vaguely easier to remember url. From now on all new posts will be at – I’d like to say that this will mean regular posting from me, but who knows.

In the meantime I’ve starting 2014 invigorated so you might at least get two or three posts before life takes over again. I’m a compulsive list maker and my main to do list actually runs April to April so I’ve a a bit more time to check off a few more things. I’ve found it works better that way. I’m not so down on January 1st that I’ve not achieved all I set out to do ┬áthat year and instead I can take the enthusiasm that the new year brings to my advantage.

So, hope you like the new location.

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