Get on with it

get on with it written in bright pink

Get on with it

I was complimented today on my writing and it gave me a renewed confidence. Enough so to come back here (probably briefly) and write. On the train home I was mulling over what my subject might be and it struck me that the spurring on of the compliment would be the starter.

If you’re on any social media site then the likelihood is that your feed will contain one or more of those inspirational quotes. You know the type, a quirky font arranged in a manner that you can frame it and put it up in your kitchen. Fine if you like that sort of thing and they work for you but personally I find them quite cringeworthy. I prefer a more direct approach and to be slightly hypocritical (as is my prerogative as a designer) I’m going to share a couple of phrases of wisdom that have been given to me.

As a student when I thought I knew everything and knew nothing (not much has changed) I worked briefly for Atticus Digital in Cardiff. This was the first time I’d set foot in a professional agency and I learnt a lot quickly. A lot has stuck with me since that time and one phrase in particular.

If you want something done properly then do it properly.

While on the surface flippant, there’s more to it I think. There’s been many times since when I’ve not been pleased with the outcome of my work and I’ve remembered this phrase and realised that’s the reason. Don’t mess about. Concentrate when it matters.

The other is more recent and became a studio mantra at a previous agency. You may well have guessed from the title of the post and the graphic (I hope) but here it is.

Get on with it

So simple and so effective. It’s really helped us to get over procrastination and move forward with projects. Not ever quoted in a ‘hurry up’ manner ‘Get on with it’ is our rousing cry. You want to do that thing? What are you waiting for?

Get on with it.

I hope you like it and find it helpful.

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