Anyone who knows me will know how much I love reading. I love books. Certain genres and authors I now tend to gravitate towards but if something is recommended to me I will give it a go – you never know what you may discover.

Family and friends recommend certain books or authors and more often than not you will enjoy them. I have my parents to thank for encouraging me to read for pleasure, to discover a variety of genres and expand my field when I was growing up. There is nothing like finding something by yourself though.

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy series was the first that I remember discovering that had the biggest impact. Like most of us as a young teenager I was pretty awkward socially and not really sure of who I was. It’s a time and an age where we’re truly beginning to make sense of ourselves and understand our likes and dislikes. And importantly finding out those things on our own. I remember stumbling around my local library, finding the books below and instantly being taken in by the cover.

Kitch hikers guide to the galaxy book covers

Reading the series for the first time I knew that I’d discovered something special. I’ve always had a bit of a dry sense of humour and everything about these books really spoke to me – instantly I felt an affinity with them. They made me laugh and gave me a connection. They felt like me.

But its not just about the comedy, amongst it are social and philosophical ideas that I know changed the way that I think about things and shaped my view on life. Adams’ outlook on the absurdity of life and how the universe works is something that I think everyone should experience.

Since those teenage years I’ve discovered much more as a result of reading the series. I don’t know where I’d be without Terry Pratchett and my love of science fiction has continued to grow. The discoveries have not just been the book world either, I think that H2G2 opened up my mind and way of thinking to a lot more. You could say that I would have discovered it anyway. I may have done, who knows?

Fans may debate over which is better from the radio plays, TV series – and controversial as it is amongst the community I really like the film – but for me it’s always the trilogy (of five) books. Recently I’ve revisited them and they feel brilliantly familiar and original all at the same time.

Thank you Douglas, Happy Towel Day.