The original is the best. Right?

A couple of weeks ago I came across the Daybees online exhibition of movie posters that never were. It interested me greatly from a design point of view, and also because at the time I had the good fortune of designing two posters myself for a couple of excellent short films. With regards to the … Continued

Take Five with Elliander Pictures

In another first for Take Five, this months we’re including a bit of video to watch. Good hey? Some great answers again this time and very insightful. Let’s get in there. Elliot and Alexander are actively involved in the film and TV industry and have worked as freelancers on major BBC dramas such as Dalziel … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part eleven

Winter is still yet to leave the UK for another couple of weeks. According to the calendar though, Spring is here. Which means another instalment of SSTH. I’m really struggling to take pictures at the moment. We (Em and me) have been doing quite a bit, but my camera for some reason has stayed firmly … Continued

Playing with a digital Holga lens

A few years ago I was very much into Lomography. I’ve mentioned before my ownership of a Kiev along with a Coloursplash, I also dreamed of a Smena. I never got my hands on one of the mighty Holgas though. I’ve always liked the dimensions of medium format. Love it or hate it for a … Continued

Stop/Eject movie

This is one of my reasons behind the lack of posts in December. A pretty good one too – I hope you’ll agree. Following my work for the Worcestershire Film Festival I was recommended to Neil Oseman to design a 28 page script book for his short film Stop/Eject. The film is a fantasy drama … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part ten

Little later than it should be, the three months before Christmas are a bit of a blur now. Loads happened, but I didn’t feel like I took many pictures. Anyway, there’s a good few here to have a look at. As mentioned in previous posts, we had a couple of fun filled visits to the … Continued

Take Five with Vincent & Bell

Kicking off the Take Five for 2013 we have a Take Five first. Not one but two sets of answers from the always excellent design agency Vincent & Bell. As there’s more text we’ve also doubled up on pictures, so a whole feast awaits you. You lucky things. Vincent & Bell are Carlisle’s newest design … Continued

2012 Instagrams

Happy new year! There’s not been much posting around here lately as I’ve been busy with festivities and a couple of interesting projects have been reaching completion. My plans for 2013 are to post on a more regular basis and if I get my act together, something bigger will be launching. It’s just been behind … Continued

Take Five with The Scootographer

This month’s Take Five has some significance due to the sad passing of Dave Brubeck, whose groundbreaking album Time Out and of course the track Take Five are an influence for this feature. The world of music owes much to him and I think the simple thing to say is ‘Goodbye and thank you’. Apologies … Continued

Provide at The Custard Factory

Provide is a recently launched shop at The Custard Factory, Birmingham. In truth has been open for a couple of months already, but a few weeks back Em and me took a trip up to Birmingham to have a nose as they were also having a launch party. It was worth the visit. The shop … Continued

Take Five with Jo Hancox (Sit On My Face)

Jo Hancox is the creator of ‘Sit On My Face‘ – novelty cushions and furniture with a cheeky twist. Each piece features a portrait hand-drawn in a style to create the illusion that it has been sat on. Or if that’s too much for you, her talent for portraits extends to the more traditional. Graduating … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part nine (Corfu special)

The last few months have been mad busy. In work we’ve had loads on and outside of work I’ve had some great projects such as the Worcestershire Film Festival promo pieces and some bits and bobs for Worcester Arts Workshop. Between all this, general day to day malarky and what with the summer weather being … Continued