Orphic Oxtra from La Blogotheque

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I’ve written on here before about how much enjoyment I get out of La Blogotheque. It’s a place where I can meander for hours and discover so much new and brilliant music. It’s been an unsettling week for me and for some reason this spoke to me as soon as I heard it. I love ...

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Selective Service – Sometimes It’s Easy

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Just a video and some blurb from me this week. I’ve had an influx of Take Five requests and finding the time to write and research those along with a post has been near impossible. So, here is my latest musical enjoyment and another recommendation from the modcast. I also like the t-shirt worn by the ...

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Allah-Las – Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)

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I love finding new music. By new of course, I mean new to me. I followed a few links around the other night and came across this band. It’s pretty obvious they’re from California, their sound unmistakably of that West Coast influence. Their music conjurs thoughts of that culture; the perfect mixture of sand, sea ...

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Worcestershire Film Festival 2012

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Starting last month and continuing into November is the Worcestershire Film Festival. In its inaugural year it has already made a hit, generating much interest and attracting some great speakers and guests from across the industry. Each event (in various locations across the county) promises an insight into the importance of film making in the ...

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Elizabeth Sheperd Trio – Four

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Regular followers of this blog will know how much I love music. I love discovering new bands as much as I love going over old favourites. The feeling when you listen to something that you haven’t heard for a while and it gives you that feeling all over again is indescribable. A few months ago ...

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The Method – The Gatekeeper & I

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Bit of Friday afternoon music here. As ever I’m a little late to this band, but I am currently enjoying their album Dissidents & Dancers. Based in Cardiff and being hailed as one of the best bands to see live, The Method combine styles to create an energy and enthusiasm. The album is chock full ...

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Fujiya & Miyagi – Ankle Injuries

Posted by on Aug 5, 2012 in Animation, Art, Design, Music, Video | No Comments

Just a quick one today as I’m working on some other projects, longer posts and busy getting together some questions for ‘Take Five’. I know this is a slightly old, but this video for ‘Ankle Injuries’ is still great and fits with the track perfectly. If you like this and want to find out more, ...

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A couple of years old this I know but I watched it again the other day and it’s still as fresh feeling and entertaining. An excellently written, illustrated and animated piece. Perfect tongue in cheek (langue dans la joue?) humour. I thought it was fairly fitting given the recent changes in France. If you like ...

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