Take Five with Elliander Pictures

In another first for Take Five, this months we’re including a bit of video to watch. Good hey? Some great answers again this time and very insightful. Let’s get in there. Elliot and Alexander are actively involved in the film and TV industry and have worked as freelancers on major BBC dramas such as Dalziel … Continued

Worcestershire Film Festival 2012

Starting last month and continuing into November is the Worcestershire Film Festival. In its inaugural year it has already made a hit, generating much interest and attracting some great speakers and guests from across the industry. Each event (in various locations across the county) promises an insight into the importance of film making in the … Continued

Introducing – Get a Move On

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this band before. Known for their amazing cover of DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing album, Introducing are now putting Mr Scruff to the er, test? No. Not test… um… no, can’t think of it. Wait. Introducing are now covering Mr Scruff. Yes – that sounds right. Everytime I’ve seen Mr … Continued