Brand identity, print and website design for an estate agent based in Shirley and Solihull.

As a new independent estate agent, Horton & Storey needed to establish their brand quickly within the marketplace in order to grow their portfolio.

With a fresh, honest and modern view on how estate agents should be, they wanted to differentiate themselves from than other agents in the area. This was achieved with the colour palette and a clean design style.

To further set themselves apart from the competition, Horton & Storey opted for a bespoke website build instead of a template theme used by other agents in the area. Using my knowledge of creating user experiences for property websites led me to design and direct the website build to include functionality that concentrated on clarity of information and ease of search and enquiry.

Horton & Storey recognise the value of good photography when it comes to selling homes, and know that potential viewers want to see pictures over other details. The website design embraced this by giving images of properties room in the layout.

Horton & Storey are open in the way they conduct business, they want to be seen as experts and offering advice wherever possible. Their website has useful guides to buying and selling homes, and they chose an eight page booklet over a simple flyer for their door-drops.

This desire to help existing and potential customers understand the industry while establishing themselves as knowledgeable and transparent in evident online. I designed the website with this in mind, and the build uses custom page content components. This allows Horton & Storey to build pages to fit around the content and present it in the most accessible manner.

The design was well received, sales boards, along with office signage, door drop booklets all with the look and feel of an established brand have given Horton & Storey a noticeable presence – both on the high street and across Shirley.

Created with the team at Carousel Marketing.