Creating a manual that established graphic consistency throughout all hotels worldwide.

Cover of Ramada Graphic Standards manual

I worked closely with the marketing team at Ramada for almost five years. Projects included the worldwide hotel guide, a catalogue of every Ramada Hotel, and the brand identity launch for their Encore city hotel.

In addition I produced advertising campaigns, interactive digital pieces and exhibition designs for their worldwide conference.

Introduction of Ramada Graphic Standards manual

In order to standardise existing materials, create consistency in the work I was producing with my team, and to assist designers who were working with their local hotels, we were tasked to create a graphic standards manual.

Typography of Ramada Graphic Standards manual
Ramada Hotel & Resort logo
Letterhead of Ramada Graphic Standards manual

As the project lead I created the manual and made key decisions including logo adjustments, brochure and stationery design – producing new designs where required. The ‘hotel and resort’ brand required a new logo to align with the rest of the Ramada family.

The manual was distributed to every hotel worldwide and developed to be understood by hoteliers, designers and printers who did not have English as a first language. Artwork could be opened straight from the manual so all that was required was to amend hotel details as appropriate, reducing the opportunity for errors.

Produced with the team at Crandon.