Illustration of man holding baby
illustration of man leaning on pink letter A
illustration of man sitting on big letter O

Its always to good to collaborate with other creatives and so when I was approached by Nancy at Good Egg Designs to work with her on producing some illustrations for the front cover of  ‘Word Gets Around’ I was more than happy to be involved.

Here’s a synopsis from the author, Andrew Hoyle.

“Late-night radio presenter, Jake Ryan, spends each evening in the same dark studio. With only the music, his unpredictable producer, and the occasional warm Vimto for company, Jake has a lot of time to think. The same listeners, the same unrequited crush, the same old routine.

Then one cold December evening, Jake receives a phone call that will change everything.

Driving across the city, he hopes he’ll find some answers. But after visiting hapless geography teacher Tim and grumpy new father Rick, all he finds are more questions. Jake knows that the solution may lie 3,000 miles away – at least he hopes it does.

After an eventful plane journey, a drunken fight with the locals and an evening wandering the streets of rural America, Jake wonders how things have got so far out of tune.

Will life ever get back on track?”

I illustrated the five main characters for the cover in poses that would best represent their traits. For the final cover the characters were silhouetted, Nancy took these to create the final layout seen below.

Book cover for Word Gets Around by Andrew Hoyle

You can buy the book for Kindle here.