Metfriendly website

Website redesign and build increases online applications and improves brand awareness.

Metfriendly is a friendly society offering a range of products and services for serving and retired police officers and their families. I worked with them to update their existing WordPress website with two main goals, improving brand awareness and increasing online applications.

Website homepage design for police mutual society, Metfriendly.

Simplified sitemap

At first glance the previous site appeared more complex than it was; multiple links and a tangled menu structure confused the user by adding unnecessary visual language. An uncomplicated user flow was required to allow visitors to find the product they needed, followed by a clear route to application. Following content workshops with Metfriendly I was able to simplify the sitemap and help their product range stand out, this was achieved by separating the product menu from the main desktop navigation.

In addition to the new menu structure, the homepage features a ‘What’s next for you’ section, set in a conversational tone. This gives a more human introduction to Metfriendly’s services and allows a quick route to products. It also helps to differentiate users and their needs, Metfriendly’s target audience is split between officers that are new to the force and those who are coming to the end of their career.

ISA product page design for police mutual society, Metfriendly.

Increasing applications

A goal for updating the website was to increase online applications. Simplifying the product pages and making the ‘Apply’ button the strongest element were the first steps towards an improved design. Allowing the button to scroll with users on desktop and fixing to the bottom of the browser on smaller devices makes it is easier for users to apply wherever they are on the page, leading to an increase in conversions.

Metfriendly illustration of young male and female police officers in uniform and middle aged couple wearing smart casual clothing

Improving brand awareness

Metfriendly’s illustrations clearly distinguish them from their competitors. Their suite of bespoke characters used on their promotional materials make them instantly recognisable. The previous website made little use of these, creating a disconnect in their online and offline marketing and contributing to the sense that the website was too generic.

By introducing more illustrations and use of their house typeface, FS ME, the design was transformed and unmistakably identifiable as part of Metfriendly’s marketing activities.


Created with the team at The Blue Cube.

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