Stellar cookware

A redesign of Stellar cookware's packaging for its range of pans and steamers.

Stellar cookware stainless steel saucepan with lid in front of packaging for five piece set Isometric view on a white background of packaging box for Stellar cookware stainless steel multi steamer.

Renowned cookware brand, Stellar, required an update to their range of stainless steel pans and steamers. It was essential for customers to be able to identify the products within the packaging, particularly when a larger range was displayed in store. A simple cutout image on a white background, along with clean typography gave clarity to the product.

Close-up of Stellar stainless steel frying pan including label design

New imagery was chosen to be used across the entire range and assist in developing brand recognition. The rolling boil creates energy in the packaging, bringing it to life and putting a dynamic sensation of cooking with the pans onto the shelves.

Produced with the team at Liquorice Marketing.

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