Word Gets Around illustrations

Bespoke illustrations for a collaborative book cover design.

Black and white line Illustration of a man holding a baby above his head black and white line illustration of man leaning on pink letter A for word gets around book cover illustration of man sitting on big letter O

Word Gets Around is the debut novel of author Andrew Hoyle. It is a tale of romance, humour and the trappings of middle-age.

In collaboration with Nancy at Aligned Design I produced the above illustrations for the front cover design.

From the author’s brief, the synopsis and some extracts from novel, we gained a good impression of the lives and idiosyncrasies of the characters. I illustrated the five main characters for the cover in poses that would best represent these traits. The style of the illustrations is loose and sketchy to give them some personality and help bring them to life.

The final design for the cover of Word Gets Around saw the characters silhouetted as shown in the final layout below.

Book cover for Word Gets Around by Andrew Hoyle

You can buy the book for Kindle here.

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