Broad Street Community Meeting Hall

Broad Street Community Meeting Hall has been supporting the local community for almost 20 years, bringing people together through events and providing a welcoming space in Coventry. In January 2019 work began on a new build hall that will further the work of the team and better serve the community’s needs for years to come.

CGI of Broad Street Community Hall in Coventry, people of various ages are outside a grey modern building with a bright orange entrance

Studio Denley was approached to design a logo that would represent the events run by the meeting hall and the new development work being carried out. Many people of different ages and backgrounds use the hall and the logo had to appeal to all of these groups.

The new logo takes influence from their original mark, which used a semicircle as its icon. Making the circle full evokes the feeling of togetherness and community, while the lines represent the individual people who make up the whole. The orange is inspired by the cladding design and the painted render that will decorate the new hall.

The new hall is set to open later in 2020, for more information visit their Facebook page.