What my cat has taught me about being creative

I love dogs. My parents already had a dog when I was born. I grew up with them: there was always at least one dog in the house (unless they were out for a walk) and all of my aunts, uncles and grandparents had dogs. Family barbecues would often have a pack of them circling, … Continued

Ahoy there, lasers!

Ocean Laser provide quality laser cutting and engraving for a variety of applications, producing bespoke design requests as well as a range of off-the-shelf items. Keen to stand out in the marketplace, Ocean Laser commissioned Studio Denley to produce a new logo and identity that would distinguish them from their competitors. Many of Ocean Laser’s … Continued

More than instant noodles

It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work on this recipe book design for care leavers.  The project was a collaboration with restaurant Box-E in Bristol and talented illustrators Dani Mayes, Esther Curtis, Hannah Broadway and Mithila Shafiq. The project is founded on the belief that cooking can make you feel happy … Continued

Designing confidence

Confidence is key When I made the decision to start Studio Denley as a full-time venture, it was confidence that led me to ultimately make that decision. I had to be positive that I was making the right choice, and have belief in myself that it would be a success. I didn’t reach that conclusion … Continued

Restoring some brand history

What’s kept in is of more importance than what’s new – a design theory for restoration that crosses over to logos and brand identities. An example of this theory came in the form of a very enjoyable project to update an existing logo. Local history group, Twystory, had found themselves in the unfortunate position of … Continued

Faux book cover design

I’m a believer in the bring your hobbies to work philosophy, so as an avid reader I relished the opportunity to work on a design that combines my passions. This project was, while usual for a designer, unusual in its execution. I was commissioned to design the covers for a series of eight false ‘books’ … Continued

Pawsome Pets channel identity

Studio Denley worked with Caters Media Group to create identities for their Pawsome Pets social media channels. The project included the design of logos for use as avatars, video start cards and a range of social media assets. The original concept evolved around the ‘S’ of their StoryTrender brand, using the shape to form tails. … Continued

Broad Street Community Meeting Hall

Broad Street Community Meeting Hall has been supporting the local community for almost 20 years, bringing people together through events and providing a welcoming space in Coventry. In January 2019 work began on a new build hall that will further the work of the team and better serve the community’s needs for years to come. … Continued

Goodbye Speakersfive, Hello Denley

I’ve been thinking this over for a few months now. If I’m completely honest I’ve probably been thinking it over for a few years. For various reasons, I’ve decided to let go of the name Speakersfive. A name change has been on the cards before and events of the past 18 months, spurred on by … Continued

Cooking up some creativity

When we talk of creative fields, cooking is rarely mentioned alongside other artistic pursuits. Rightly it’s carved out it’s own area despite sharing so much, and to me it is one of the most challenging of the arts. Chefs don’t only have aesthetics to consider, there’s flavour, smell and timings to think about when creating … Continued


Anyone who knows me will know how much I love reading. I love books. Certain genres and authors I now tend to gravitate towards but if something is recommended to me I will give it a go – you never know what you may discover. Family and friends recommend certain books or authors and more … Continued

Being a designer is like being in the SAS

Ok not really. But yeah, kind of. Most of us are not being flown off to work covert missions in far flung corners of the globe. And while paper cuts are nasty, they can’t compare. However, all of us could learn from the skills that being in an elite force requires. There are some shared qualities … Continued