Goodbye Speakersfive, Hello Denley

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I’ve been thinking this over for a few months now. If I’m completely honest I’ve probably been thinking it over for a few years. For various reasons, I’ve decided to let go of the name Speakersfive. A name change has been on the cards before and events of the past 18 months, spurred on by ...

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Cooking up some creativity

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When we talk of creative fields, cooking is rarely mentioned alongside other artistic pursuits. Rightly it’s carved out it’s own area despite sharing so much, and to me it is one of the most challenging of the arts. Chefs don’t only have aesthetics to consider, there’s flavour, smell and timings to think about when creating ...

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Anyone who knows me will know how much I love reading. I love books. Certain genres and authors I now tend to gravitate towards but if something is recommended to me I will give it a go. You never know what you may discover. Family and friends recommend certain books or authors and more often than not ...

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Being a designer is like being in the SAS

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Ok not really. But yeah, kind of. Most of us are not being flown off to work covert missions in far flung corners of the globe. And while paper cuts are nasty, they can’t compare. However, all of us could learn from the skills that being in an elite force requires. There are some shared qualities ...

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The power of getting started

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I’ve been thinking about the power of process a lot lately. More so because I’ve had a few identity projects and these are where I feel my process really pays off. I was talking with another designer and they mentioned that they always go to screen and begin design concepts. Each to their own but the thought ...

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Get on with it

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Get on with it I was complimented today on my writing and it gave me a renewed confidence. Enough so to come back here (probably briefly) and write. On the train home I was mulling over what my subject might be and it struck me that the spurring on of the compliment would be the ...

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Some advice from Don Quixote

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I’ve mentioned before about my annual to-do list, it runs from April to April and contains things I’d like to accomplish that year. It comprises, unsurprisingly, five sections each containing, more unsurprisingly, five items to-do. One of these sections is books I’d like to read and this past year Don Quixote was one of those. If ...

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