More than instant noodles

It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work on this recipe book design for care leavers. 

The project was a collaboration with restaurant Box-E in Bristol and talented illustrators Dani Mayes, Esther Curtis, Hannah Broadway and Mithila Shafiq.

The project is founded on the belief that cooking can make you feel happy and empowered and that food can spread love and bring people together.

Recipe book design cover, title More than instant noodles and an illustration of a wooden spoon on a blue and yellow background

2020 has been a disruptive year for all of us, not least for those in hospitality. During the lockdowns, despite their circumstances, Box-E selflessly gave their time to helping those less fortunate. Amongst other things, they made food packages for vulnerable people and taught cooking skills to care leavers.

The books are a continuation of this fantastic work and will help these young people continue to learn cooking skills. The recipes have been specifically developed to include minimal and easy to buy ingredients and only require basic utensils to prepare. Each recipe is simple to follow and the methods are shown in pictorial form.

The layouts are clear and clean, using a typeface developed for high legibility. All of the recipes are supported by stunning illustrations by Bristol-based illustrators.

If you’re interested in buying a copy (only £5) head over to Box-E’s online store.