Faux book cover design

Until recently I’d not had the pleasure of fully entering the world of book cover design, and technically that is still true. Aside from my illustrations for Word Gets Around, I’ve not yet designed a cover for a book that can be read. This project was, while usual for a designer, unusual in its execution.

I was commissioned to design the covers for a series of false ‘books’ that would be gracing the shelves of not a bookshop or a library, but a hotel. As I’ve been an avid reader all my life, this was a project that really sparked my creativity and let my imagination run.



The project required me to create not just the covers, but also the authors, titles and storylines. The plots were where each one began, not a completely mapped out story but enough of a synopsis to each book that covered genre and target audience.

The book cover designs were split between fiction and non-fiction, and covered nature, psychology, murder mystery and science fiction amongst others. While the books would never be written, or read, this process helped to give direction to the design – the covers are intended as homages to their genres.

A selection of the covers are shown above, the others are available on all good hotel bookshelves.