Decorative book cover design

You can judge a book by its cover.

Combining hobbies with a design brief is a creative’s dream – a much sought after goal. In this project for a Dubai-based art consultancy it was possible to combine a love of reading with a love of creative through book cover design.

The project was to develop a series of eight book cover designs that would form part of the decor within the public spaces of a hotel. A fairly open brief creatively, the only requirement was that the range of book cover designs were produced in black and white to fit with an existing colour scheme. The books were to be a mix of fiction and non-fiction imaginary titles.

As with all projects, this began with extensive research into the subject. Although these weren’t real books that could be read, they still had to appear to be real. It was possible that guests may interact with the books and so the design process began with mapping out potential genres, followed by basic plots, content and context. This meant that each book cover included either a synopsis or review, working to complete the illusion that these were real publications.

The genres included sci-fi, thriller, period romance, classic murder mystery and comedy, as well as scientific studies such as the natural world and psychology. The designs themselves give recognition to identifiable motifs and techniques associated with their categories.

The books are now available on all good hotel bookshelves.

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