Rail Model identity

Modernising the identity for a bespoke model kit manufacturer.

Rail Model specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke kits for model railway enthusiasts. Using a high quality laser cutter they are able to create any design required to the customer’s specifications. While they have a number of ‘off the shelf’ products, their unique selling point is custom designs, enabling model makers to obtain the exact pieces they need to create their vision.

Over the years they have built up a dedicated customer base but wanted a fresh look to appeal to a new, and potentially younger, audience. The new logo was also to reflect an expansion of the services and products on offer.

Research in a number of areas led to the creation of the final logo and identity. Railway insignia, freight logos and railway heritage all had an influence. As many model railways are a depiction of the golden age of steam, 1930s modernism also provided inspiration for the design.

The design of the logo icon is made from individual parts that come together – a representation of the model kits themselves. Each of these logo elements become brand components, used to add visual interest to layouts and support the typography.

The identity uses a minimal colour palette to strengthen the brand look and feel. The colours are chosen to represent three core elements of steam locomotives, fire, water and steam. They are bold and strong with a heritage influence, creating an identity that is modern and up-to-date but with a nod to a railway past.

Social media plays a large part in the development and promotion of the business. For this purpose the logo was developed as a strong icon that would be instantly recognisable on its own and when used as an avatar. A series of quotes and identifiers were produced to add interest to social media feeds. These will be used in combination with customer photos to create a varied feed that supports and celebrates model makers.

Further designs for the application of the identity have been produced. These will be used to increase awareness of the business as promotional giveaways.

“The design work and marketing strategy by Andy is First Class, it’s given Rail Model lift and a purpose to move the business forward.”
Andy Pearce – Owner, Rail Model

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