Web Dev With Matt

A playful identity and website design for a series of web development tutorials.

Matthew Setter is an experienced PHP Developer based near Nuremberg, Germany. With a focus on reliable, tested and secure PHP code, he has been designing and developing web-based applications since 1999. Matt champions clean code principles, ensures his software is well tested, and places an emphasis on security.

Over two decades of working in professional software development, he has built up considerable knowledge. Through Web Dev With Matt he hopes to pass on his expertise to fellow developers, creating a community of learning. This series of tutorials, a combination of free videos and paid for deeper subject dives, work to improve developer’s knowledge and understanding of various platforms.

web dev with matt logo design, white on a purple background featuring a smiling face made from an asterisk and brackets

Informative and covering complex subject matter, the style of Matt’s sessions is fun and relaxed. The feeling is one of being on a learning journey together, rather than a teacher—pupil scenario. Matt has created an open environment for learning that encourages developers of all levels to engage and improve their techniques.

The logo and supporting identity design represents these key elements. It is open and approachable, professional but light-hearted. The monospaced typeface is a nod to web development, while the icon uses symbols common to web developers. The arrangement of these forms a smiling face and illustrates a connection of thoughts.

The ‘connection of thoughts’ concept to the identity is continued through the pattern design. Studio Denley worked with Matt previously on the cover design for his Mezzio Essentials book. A version of this pattern formed the background of the cover and has been adapted to form the basis of the identity and logo. Using this design creates consistency between the two projects, developing a family of brands.

The identity has been implemented on YouTube graphics, including cover images and title cards for the tutorials.

The website serves as a destination to find out more about Web Dev With Matt and view the latest tutorials. Matt is an established technical writer and the website is a home to many articles that supplement the tutorials, giving valuable insight into the subjects.

“Andy’s been a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. He very much understood what I’m aiming to achieve, helped me focus my thoughts and ideas, and came up with a brand that reflects that vision. I’ve enjoyed working with him on this project as much as I did on our first project together, for the cover of my previous book, and I look forward to working with him on many upcoming projects.”

Matthew Setter

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