Pawsome Pets channel identity

Studio Denley worked with Caters Media Group to create identities for their Pawsome Pets social media channels. The project included the design of logos for use as avatars, video start cards and a range of social media assets.

The original concept evolved around the ‘S’ of their StoryTrender brand, using the shape to form tails. I worked with Shapes Art Services to produce 3D models that brought the concept to life, creating a personality for the brand.

The original concept was well received but it was felt that the StoryTrender brand needed more recognition before the identity could be built around it, and that ‘Pawsome Pets’ should be the main feature. Developing the tails concept allowed this while staying true to the original idea.

a variety of animal tails surround the title pawsome pets on a channel identity card

The final piece was animated to form the titles of the YouTube video compilations.