Fedrigoni 366 Project

It’s always great to see your work in a book, and especially a book that’s packed full of fantastic designs. Absolutely delighted to have been selected to take part in Fedrigoni’s 366 Project for 2024.

The project invites the creative community to contribute a design that interprets a date of the year provided to them at random, creating a diverse and vibrant time capsule of talent. The date given to Studio Denley was 28th May.

Researching the number 28 led to the discovery that a cube has 28 elements, six faces, eight corners, 12 edges and two 3-dimensional elements (interior and exterior). The resulting design is 28 cubes used to build the number 28.

This year, Fedrigoni 366 has been produced in collaboration with printer F.E. Burman using the latest HP Indigo® digital print technology. This has allowed all the creatives involved to harness the power of generative code. The code randomly shuffles colours in every part of the book – from the outer jacket to the inner divider pages — this means that every single design submitted to the project looks different in each and every book.

Copies of the book are available to buy online from Counter Print, with proceeds going to Save the Children.