Designing confidence

Confidence is key

When I made the decision to start Studio Denley as a full-time venture, it was confidence that led me to ultimately make that decision. I had to be positive that I was making the right choice, and have belief in myself that it would be a success. I didn’t reach that conclusion on my own though, I was lucky to be supported by family and friends who were fully behind me. And I recognised the value of spending time with a professional who could mentor me and give me the advice I needed.


Confidence as a value

In setting out my beliefs and values, it was essential that this element was a core part of my principles. Design for me has always been about communication, in whatever form that may take, and confidence is at the heart of that. I knew that I wanted to give that to my clients through the advice, strategy and creative work I provide.

Being certain of who you are and what your message is clearly communicates to potential clients and customers what you can do for them. Design plays an important role in this by saying all the things you can’t, quickly.

It isn’t about being the loudest person in the room – a megaphone is great for amplifying but you can’t build a rapport with it. And it isn’t about being the one who is talking the most – constant communication can soon just start to sound like noise. Remembering the phrase ‘two ears, one mouth’ means I like to listen more than I speak so I can learn about you and the challenges I can help clients with. A firm belief that quiet confidence is an assurance that the project will be completed professionally and on time.


Confidence through design

Clients say that a fresh design has been the driver for gaining new business, giving them the lift that they need. I’ve heard plenty of times in discovery meetings of how a client won’t direct potential new business to their outdated website because they’re embarrassed about what they’ll see when they get there. Or how they’re over cautious when networking because they fear the question of ‘have you got anything you can show me?’ because they know the answer is no.

Design adds value and professionalism to a business, unlocking the confidence to promote yourself as best you can. It will help you to show your best assets, whether that’s a physical product you want to sell, or a service you need to communicate simply and effectively.


I’ve been told that I would make a good counsellor, which I take as a compliment.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can boost your confidence (through design) get in touch.




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