Ahoy there, lasers!

Ocean Laser provide quality laser cutting and engraving for a variety of applications, producing bespoke design requests as well as a range of off-the-shelf items.

Keen to stand out in the marketplace, Ocean Laser commissioned Studio Denley to produce a new logo and identity that would distinguish them from their competitors.

Many of Ocean Laser’s competitors focus on the laser side of the business when it comes to a company identity, putting their customer’s product second to their cutting and engraving abilities. After discussions with the client it was decided that the end product should be put first as this is what customers are ultimately looking for, the belief being that the quality of Ocean Laser’s products speaks for itself.

A majority of the products produced by Ocean Laser are celebratory and it was important that this was reflected in the overall brand. In addition their capabilities in terms of design and materials is extremely wide ranging.

The resulting design for the identity covers this wide range with its adaptability. Taking inspiration from the ocean, the main logo is a simple porthole through which we can display different icons representing products being promoted or acknowledging calendar events. Bold and clear, the logo is approachable and identifiable when used at smaller sizes such as social media avatars. The ‘O’ within the design puts the start of ‘Ocean Laser’ in the viewers mind increasing its memorability.

Like the logo, the colour scheme is bold and friendly, reflecting the positive nature of the products being produced.

The identity comes into its own when used on social media alongside a playful, tongue-in-cheek copy style.

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