Mural for 25 Hours, Dubai

25 Hours Hotels is a chain of unique, art-filled hotels. Primarily based in Europe, in March 2022 they opened a new location in Dubai.

The hotels are known for their quirky interior design, with a mix of artist styles working together to create a visual feast for guests. Studio Denley worked with Shapes Art Services to produce a bespoke mural that would decorate part of the main lobby and reception area of the hotel.

Working alongside other artworks in the public area, 40m long mural (shown in part below) takes its core design from a vintage 19th century wallpaper design licensed by Mason Images d’Épinal. The 25 Hours characteristic artistic twist is introduced through the addition of multiple icons and illustrations placed on top of the vintage design.

The overall effect is one of a sticker-covered, street art style wall. The design is created to add an element of amusement to the surroundings – with the additional illustrations both disrupting and accentuating the original artwork.

The illustrations covered various cultural elements, from pop-culture to Dubai landmarks and a few fun objects added in to keep people intrigued. The mural works to liven up the space in the hotel, adding 25 Hours’ signature style of the unexpected to all areas.

Murals and bespoke art pieces add an extra dimension and enhance the spaces they’re in. They can brighten up areas, communicate values and welcome clients and visitors – extending your brand to make a space your own. They’re a great way to add personality to your office and create a specific environment that reflects you.

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