Exhibition at Worcester Arts Workshop

I’m excited about this. No sooner had I added this to my goal list for the year then I got a call from Worcester Arts Workshop letting me know they had a free space. It’s been an intense few weeks of preparations, creating new pieces and updating some old ones, but I’m pretty much ready … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part twelve

Regular readers will have noticed that it’s been quiet around here lately. The last few months have been pretty hectic with a great deal of change and I just haven’t had the time to keep posting as regular as I normally like to. I’ve yet again not taken my camera out as much as I … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part ten

Little later than it should be, the three months before Christmas are a bit of a blur now. Loads happened, but I didn’t feel like I took many pictures. Anyway, there’s a good few here to have a look at. As mentioned in previous posts, we had a couple of fun filled visits to the … Continued

Worcestershire Film Festival 2012

Starting last month and continuing into November is the Worcestershire Film Festival. In its inaugural year it has already made a hit, generating much interest and attracting some great speakers and guests from across the industry. Each event (in various locations across the county) promises an insight into the importance of film making in the … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part eight

Alright? It’s been a little while since the last post. In short we’ve been pretty busy. I’ve had a few projects on the go (some I’ll reveal here in a bit) and time has been taken up with those leaving not much time for the blog. Nevertheless plenty of ideas for posts have come about … Continued

Some stuff that happened – zombie extra

It wasn’t until after I had posted the previous ‘Some stuff that happened‘ that I found these. I have already posted about the Totem Homecoming exhibition at the Custard Factory. But left out what a mixed bag of of bits that day actually was. After leaving the exhibition we saw some people parading through town … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part five

Now we’ve been through a whole year of these posts. Not to be messed with, the universe is still making things happen. The year is going by and the seasons are changing. Again. While looking through these I noticed that due to sorting out the house, and because that pretty much took up most of … Continued

Organ of Corti

On Sunday, after a night of camping and a few beers (one of us had too many I’m not saying who) we took a walk along the river to blow out the cobwebs. We were lucky enough to come across the ‘Organ of Corti‘ and stopped to have a look/listen. An installation by Liminal the … Continued

Character Totem homecoming

Yesterday, following Iain’s recommendation we headed over to the Custard Factory to have a nose at the latest exhibition in the Zellig Gallery. The pictures here speak better than words, but the current exhibition is organised by Inky Goodness, supporters of and a great vehicle for the showcasing of new and emerging illustrators and artists. … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part two

I know, I know. My seasonal round up is a bit late, in fact so late that the next one will only be in a matter of weeks. Anyway, it’s the little things that make life extra special and here are some things from autumn (in no particular order). As I mentioned in a previous … Continued

Some stuff that happened

I haven’t been posting as much recently, in short it’s because I’ve been busy. Strange really, when I have a lot to post I haven’t the time to post it. But now that the nights are drawing in and the weather isn’t so good I may have some more time on my hands… may. Anyway … Continued