Get on with it

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Get on with it I was complimented today on my writing and it gave me a renewed confidence. Enough so to come back here (probably briefly) and write. On the train home I was mulling over what my subject might be and it struck me that the spurring on of the compliment would be the ...

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Some advice from Don Quixote

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I’ve mentioned before about my annual to-do list, it runs from April to April and containsĀ things I’d like to accomplish that year. It comprises, unsurprisingly, five sections each containing, more unsurprisingly, five items to-do. One of these sections is books I’d like to read and this past year Don Quixote was one of those. If ...

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New year, new location

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Happy New Year! I’d love to give a reason for the lack of posts other than I’ve been pretty busy, but I’m afraid that’s just it. I’ve been updating the main Speakersfive site (as you’ll see if you’re reading this there) there’s still some bits to tidy and sort out but if I wait til ...

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Getting stuff done day

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I honestly thought I’d posted already this year. Turns out not. So Happy New Year! Hope you had a good one? Pretty good segue that into this post. With the start of the New Year (now three weeks ago) many people are looking to start a new hobby or what have you. Most people at ...

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The Birmingham Gateway Project

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I commute into the centre of Birmingham every day and to me New Street station is, well lets face it, literally a big dirty hole in the ground. I’m not knocking it, I mean it isn’t that surprising considering the amount of trains and people that pass through it on a daily basis but I ...

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Hipstamatic iPhone app

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I’m a bit tight when it comes to paying for apps on the iPhone. In fact I’ve only ever bought two, but I’m glad that one of them was Hipstamatic. For years I was (and still am) a fan of Lomography and this app essentially sets about creating the same effect but digitally. I know ...

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Speakersfive on a Mini!

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You may have already seen this around on the streets but for anyone who hasn’t here’s a lovely picture. Anyone who knows Speakersfive will also know that the love for all classic cars is strong but in particular its the Mini so what better way to advertise than on the side of this beloved automobile? ...

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