Some advice from Don Quixote

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I’ve mentioned before about my annual to-do list, it runs from April to April and containsĀ things I’d like to accomplish that year. It comprises, unsurprisingly, five sections each containing, more unsurprisingly, five items to-do. One of these sections is books I’d like to read and this past year Don Quixote was one of those. If ...

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Early Rider Spherovelo

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I don’t tend to use this blog to promote one the companies I work for (Toyella). Previously I’d only talked about how much I like the EeBoo studios, one of the brands that we sell. I choose not to obviously promote for a variety of reasons, one is that I like to keep the blog ...

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Sara Page Design

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A couple of weeks back Em and me had been in Birmingham for the food festival, which we thought was going to be as it had been in previous years but turned out to be, well, nowhere near that. On the plus side though it gave us chance to have a look at the ‘Birmingham ...

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Bark Furniture

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One of the things I would like to do in life is make my own furniture and I admire anyone that does. I have made some in the past and think wistfully of the time I have spent sawing and sanding (and forming the odd curve with plywood I might like to add). There is ...

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Getting stuff done day

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I honestly thought I’d posted already this year. Turns out not. So Happy New Year! Hope you had a good one? Pretty good segue that into this post. With the start of the New Year (now three weeks ago) many people are looking to start a new hobby or what have you. Most people at ...

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Sony Watchman FD210

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Preparations and packing for the move continues (well, by the time this is published we should be nearly all packed) and the discovery of things forgotten about also continues. Coming across this Sony Watchman brought back a few memories and it still works (for a little while longer at least). No sooner had I found ...

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Building a basic wardrobe

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Sorry, this isn’t going to be a post about the finer details of how to put together some flatpack furniture (I’ve learnt my lesson there), but more about an article that I found interesting. I don’t class myself as a hoarder per se. In ‘Do Androids Dream…’ Phillip K Dick coined the term ‘kibble’ – ...

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