The power of getting started

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I’ve been thinking about the power of process a lot lately. More so because I’ve had a few identity projects and these are where I feel my┬áprocess really pays off. I was talking with another designer and they mentioned that they always go to screen and begin design concepts. Each to their own but┬áthe thought ...

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Shot From the Hip business cards

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I’ve posted about Gethin on here before. A few months passing and a healthy dose of promoting by himself along with a very nice logo designed by me *ahem* have led to this photography thing of his really taking off. Fairly recently (I say fairly but I’ve been pretty slack about posting of late so ...

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Modern and Classic Motorworks

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Bit of design work here. In fact the first bit of my own work I’ve posted up here in a long time. I love classic cars but have basic knowledge of what to do when they go wrong, which is something they like to do quite a bit. Thankfully I have some very good mates ...

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