Box-E Bristol is a restaurant in Bristol’s Wapping Wharf development serving seasonal modern British cuisine. Opened in October 2016, it is owned and run by award-winning chef Elliott Lidstone and his wife Tess.

elliott lidstone box-e bristol
Gold logo for Box-e bristol on dark blue background
Interior of box-e restaurant in wapping wharf bristol

To start the project I looked for inspiration in the planned decor. Chairs, colour schemes, plates, light fixtures – everything that was to be part of the restaurant. From that I was able to get an impression of the atmosphere the, unbuilt, establishment was going to have.

Working with this information and feedback, I developed the colour palette with inspiration from food (salmon pink) and from their interior decor choices. It was clear that the logo mark should reference the industrial nature of the shipping container. this is achieved with the solidity of the ‘E’ and square outline.

chef elliott lidstone at the entrance to his restaurant, box-e bristol
box-e bristol gold E logo on dark blue background
Tessa Lidstone stood at the entrance to Box-E restaurant in Bristol.

The logo had to work in a variety of applications, including embroidery on uniforms and signage for the restaurant. A variation of the logo using the ‘E’ was developed for social media and has been incorporated into other marketing – such as their Halloween pumpkin.

Different colourways were produced for business cards, as well as gold foil for special occasions.

More information about the restaurant, and most importantly booking can be found here.

Photo credit: André Pattenden for the interior and signage images.