Cooking up some creativity

When we talk of creative fields, cooking is rarely mentioned alongside other artistic pursuits. Rightly it’s carved out it’s own area despite sharing so much, and to me it is one of the most challenging of the arts. Chefs don’t only have aesthetics to consider, there’s flavour, smell and timings to think about when creating … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part twelve

Regular readers will have noticed that it’s been quiet around here lately. The last few months have been pretty hectic with a great deal of change and I just haven’t had the time to keep posting as regular as I normally like to. I’ve yet again not taken my camera out as much as I … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part seven

Hello! Here we are for a seventh time. Lots more photos this time, so lets get in there. I was a lucky boy at Christmas and got a macro lens. I immediately enjoyed taking pictures of my other gifts. On one of our usual jaunts around the river the weir was looking pretty high. We … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part five

Now we’ve been through a whole year of these posts. Not to be messed with, the universe is still making things happen. The year is going by and the seasons are changing. Again. While looking through these I noticed that due to sorting out the house, and because that pretty much took up most of … Continued

Some stuff that happened – part three

This one falls over quite a busy period, we had the whole Christmas and New Year and something called Valentine’s… good times with friends and family were all around. Also, lots of walks were had, lots of tea was drunk and lots of cake was eaten – plus these other things happened. We had possibly … Continued

Some stuff that happened

I haven’t been posting as much recently, in short it’s because I’ve been busy. Strange really, when I have a lot to post I haven’t the time to post it. But now that the nights are drawing in and the weather isn’t so good I may have some more time on my hands… may. Anyway … Continued