Go See illustrations

Bespoke illustrations for children.

go logo illustration of business man and green bus full of people and a dog illustrations of a heavy goods train and man hiking illustrations of a bus stop and man in a blue check shirt waving illustrations of man on scooter and woman asleep on a train illustrations of a tow truck and a vending machine

The above illustrations formed part of a set used to illustrate various items that children might see on a day trip.

They were designed to appeal to both children and adults with a nod towards styles prominent in the 1960’s. Some of the subjects were used a gift greetings cards for Toyella.

Each piece began as a rough hand-drawn illustration. This was then scanned and neatened up to a vector illustration, meaning it could be reproduced at any size without losing quality. Following this each artwork was given some texture and ageing to bring a consistent and recognisable look and feel.

Over 40 individual works were produced, some of which are available as a set through Etsy.

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