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Designing bespoke strategy documents to communicate goals and actions effectively.

Oaks Consultancy work with organisations in the sport, education and charity sectors providing them with the resources and confidence to deliver transformative impact and change lives across the world. They achieve this through programmes including strategic planning, transforming approaches to fundraising and advising on company structures and skills.

Cover design of strategy document for the Football Federation of Kosovo.

An extension of the team

Studio Denley has been working with Oaks on the design and creation of strategy documents, primarily with their sports-based clients. The documents are designed with the purpose of enhancing their content – making it easier to digest and understand. Projects have included footballing organisations, national football federations and sports-related charities.

Designing for data

Statistics are an important part of the documents produced and need to be easily and quickly understood. Infographics, charts and tables all work together in layouts to create a coherent design narrative that matches the hierarchy of the information.

Full kit design

Each report has been created with a distinct style, with some elements set by existing design guidelines. The design is inspired by national federation colours, flags and graphic devices to create synergy with either the federation or the official organisation. Specifically for the federations this creates engagement and a genuine sense of ownership with the documents as they feel more tailored to their requirements.

“Andy has been great with the support he has provided across a number of projects as an extension of our team. Working to tight timescales and sometimes even partially completed content due to the nature of our work, Andy has been a massive help in converting the content we develop into an engaging document that aligns with our client’s vision and brand.”

Phil Taylor, Head of Associations and Federations

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