Cooking up some creativity

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When we talk of creative fields, cooking is rarely mentioned alongside other artistic pursuits. Rightly it’s carved out it’s own area despite sharing so much, and to me it is one of the most challenging of the arts. Chefs don’t only have aesthetics to consider, there’s flavour, smell and timings to think about when creating ...

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Being a designer is like being in the SAS

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Ok not really. But yeah, kind of. Most of us are not being flown off to work covert missions in far flung corners of the globe. And while paper cuts are nasty, they can’t compare. However, all of us could learn from the skills that being in an elite force requires. There are some shared qualities ...

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The power of getting started

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I’ve been thinking about the power of process a lot lately. More so because I’ve had a few identity projects and these are where I feel my process really pays off. I was talking with another designer and they mentioned that they always go to screen and begin design concepts. Each to their own but the thought ...

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Get on with it

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Get on with it I was complimented today on my writing and it gave me a renewed confidence. Enough so to come back here (probably briefly) and write. On the train home I was mulling over what my subject might be and it struck me that the spurring on of the compliment would be the ...

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What science fiction has taught me as a graphic designer

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Certain things I believe fit in nicely with the design world and have definitely helped to shape me. A healthy interest in modernism is first and a close second is science fiction. Specifically reading science fiction. Yes, science fiction films will often give you a spectacular vision of the world they are set in but they are someone ...

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The original is the best. Right?

Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Art, Design, Film, Illustration, Work | 2 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I came across the Daybees online exhibition of movie posters that never were. It interested me greatly from a design point of view, and also because at the time I had the good fortune of designing two posters myself for a couple of excellent short films. With regards to the ...

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Stop/Eject movie

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This is one of my reasons behind the lack of posts in December. A pretty good one too – I hope you’ll agree. Following my work for the Worcestershire Film Festival I was recommended to Neil Oseman to design a 28 page script book for his short film Stop/Eject. The film is a fantasy drama ...

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Modern and Classic Motorworks

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Bit of design work here. In fact the first bit of my own work I’ve posted up here in a long time. I love classic cars but have basic knowledge of what to do when they go wrong, which is something they like to do quite a bit. Thankfully I have some very good mates ...

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Ubizy Magazine

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The time has come and the latest edition of Ubizy Magazine designed by Speakersfive is out and about. As expected, there are some great articles – including an interview with David Tennant! For anyone who likes to hold things in their hands, the hard copy of the magazine is available for free from bars, cafés ...

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